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Pre-Flight Check

Carry out the 5 point Pre- flight check (always do it in the same order so as not to forget anything)

1. Equipment laid out into wind in an arc, lines untangled, reserve pin in place, brakes and front risers in hands
2. All buckles fastened – harness, helmet, carabiners
3. Wind strength, direction, thermic cycle, weather
4. Take off stop line decision point. Turn direction
5. Airspace all clear above behind and around (Must be done just before launching).


The BHPA use the Pnemonic "Will Geordie Have His Cat Aboard Today."

W - Wind and Weather
G - Glider
H - Helmet
H - Harness and Reserve pin
C - Controls
A - All Clear
T - Turn direction

Spread the canopy in an arc. With the leading edge open its entire length. Position the cell openings in the direction of flight. Separate left and right risers. Step back to put tension in the lines and disentangle them.

Take one set of risers. Check the A risers are on the front. Separate the brake lines from the other suspension lines. Pull the brake lines down and to either side to put tension on them check for knots and position the canopy.

Tension and check the other lines starting with the D’s and finishing with the A’s.

Caution: There should be no suspension lines under the canopy. Check the lines lay on top of the wing tips. If the lines are very tangled go to the canopy and take the outermost A line beside the cell openings. Trace it back towards the risers and pull everything through. If this has not fully untangled them then go to the next A line and do the same.

You can prepare the canopy with the harness attached or you can wear it and attach it after the wing is laid out. (This option is preferable on a busy site)

If the harness is attached pick it up by one shoulder strap and see the risers are running straight, turn the harness into position.

If unattached lift the harness by the shoulder. Look at the paraglider leading edge, ensure the lines are clear all the way to the front risers. Attach the risers to the Karabiners. Check the Karabiners have closed properly. The front A risers are in front, the rear risers behind.

It is important that the central cells inflate first. Otherwise the wingtips may launch first and it becomes very difficult to correct it.

Put the harness near the trailing edge to avoid disturbing the canopy shape, carefully prepared, by involuntarily pulling any stretched line.

Check the reserve pin is securely in place and the handle velcro is secure. Pick the harness up by the shoulder straps and put it on.

Always fasten the leg straps first. Check they are secure.

Warning: Taking off with the leg straps open represents a danger of life due to the possibility of slipping through the harness. To avoid this, it is recommended never to fully open the leg straps but just to loosen them when you get rid of the harness. With the leg straps not tightened enough one may need one hand to help sitting comfortably.

Fasten the chest strap and check the setting. (The chest strap is generally 42 cm, The setting the glider was tested at should be written on the placard on the canopy).
Put the risers on the forearms, towards the rear, take the controls and check both sides if the brake line is clear and runs from the rear riser through the eyelet and behind the elbow, goes from there till the trailing edge without being tangled.