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Learn to Paraglide Guide

Pre-Flight Check

Carry out the 5 point Pre- flight check (always do it in the same order so as not to forget anything)

1. Equipment laid out into wind in an arc, lines untangled, reserve pin in place, brakes and front risers in hands
2. All buckles fastened – harness, helmet, carabiners
3. Wind strength, direction, thermic cycle, weather
4. Take off stop line decision point. Turn direction
5. Airspace all clear above behind and around (Must be done just before launching).


The BHPA use the Pnemonic "Will Geordie Have His Cat Aboard Today."

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Fit to Fly

Before going paragliding you need to consider your own physical, mental and emotional state. Are you fit to act as a responsible pilot?

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Daily Inspection

This inspection should be done every day before flying. An annual airworthiness inspection should be done by a proffesional. More thorough periodic inspections should be done on all equipment and should be performed if anything has occured. (Tree landings etc)
Canopy, Lines, Harness, Reserve, Helmet

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