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Isle of Arran

The Isle of Arran is known as "Scotland in miniature" the Highland / Lowland fault line runs across the Island giving the full range of geographical features that are found throughout Scotland all in a 167 square miles.

One road around and two across gives us access to a vast range of different flying sites, taking all wind directions. From high mountain thermalling to soaring on the sea cliffs of the raised beaches. Which is why Flying Fever Paragliding School has been based on the Isle of Arran in Scotland teaching people to fly for over 20 years.

Come on holiday and learn to fly!

Arran is a great destination for all the family. There is plenty for everyone to see and do with wildlife surrounding you. Beaches to relax on and good pub grub.

Arran is on the west coast of Scotland only 1 hours drive from Glasgow. It is easily accessible by public transport with main rail and airport links.