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Funday or Tandem Paragliding Intro Day

Price £150 including BHPA membership. Book a day and pay on the day .

Weather: Paragliding is very weather dependent, it needs to be dry and the wind beneath 15mph. You book a day then phone the day before and again in the morning to check on weather conditions.  We cancel if the weather looks unsuitable and rescedhule for another day. You need patience and no refunds can be given.  You can arrange to pay on the day.

A Funday or tandem paragliding intro day depending on the weather and site we will see what is the best option for the day either solo training or tandem flight.  If you prefer a tandem flight or solo training then let us know when you book it is the same voucher.

Your first steps in the air! exhilarating! A great fun day out with friends. Solo training starts on a gentle slope playing with the paraglider like a kite learning to launch and control it. As your confidence and ability grow you will gradually get higher flights as the day goes on.

If like many you catch the Flying Fever you can count this days training towards your 5 day Elementary pilot if you book within a month. Depending on the weather conditions you sometimes get a tandem flight soaring with an instructor.

Transport: Direct public transport links train direct from Glasgow central to Ardrossan harbour at 8.33am 1 hour train journey then 55 mins on the ferry. Or park in secure parking at Ardrossan harbour. If you want to bring your own car then you must book on hte ferry www.calmac.co.uk

Minibus pickup: Meet opposite the ferry terminal in Brodick at the Douglas Hotel at 10.45 we drop you off around 5 pm. (sometimes earlier or later depending on the weather and site) You can either take the ferry home or stay in a range of accommodation. www.visitarran.com

Courses and tandems run every day from March to Sept- weather dependent - pre booking essential


Tandem Flight:

Take a Tandem flight with an instructor. If you feel you don't have the confidence to try solo training then this is a good way to get a taste of flight. It Depends on the weather conditions how long the flight is as we don't have an engine. On a coastal site we can stay up for around 20 mins soaring in a strong wind or if it is light wind then we walk up around 1000 foot and glide gently down to land at the bottom of the hill. Because of the variability for tandem flights we only book a maximum of two in advance per day though more may be possible on certain days.