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Fit to Fly

Before going paragliding you need to consider your own physical, mental and emotional state. Are you fit to act as a responsible pilot?

Physical fitness: Even if you have a disability it is possible to learn how to paraglide, contact the BHPA for more info. The fitter you are the easier it is to learn to fly and the more flying you will get as you will get back up the training hill quicker. If you are sick with a cold or illness then it is best not to fly as you need to concentrate and be ready to re-act. You need to be able to walk up 1000 foot hill carrying a 12kg rucksack. Flying at high altitude with a cold can effect your ears.

Mental: You need to be alert and ready to respond in the correct manner. If you are taking any medication tell your instructor and consult your doctor. You must not be taking or suffering from the after effects of drink or drugs.

Emotional: If you have a personal upset or are suffering high levels of stress you are best not to go paragliding as this can impair your judgement and lead to a physical injury.