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Club Pilot Course

Training is £110 per day you need to have your elementary pilot rating and have BHPA membership.
This course takes around 6 to 10+ days.  You can do the training together or spread it apart.

you need:
Elementary pilot rating
BHPA annual membership for final qualification
In the UK you need to be 16 years old (under 18's need parental consent)

As you complete each task to a satisfactory level you are signed off. We have to be sure you are able to act and think as a pilot and stay safe before we qualify you to fly without an instructor.

Higher flights and staying up! You will learn how to soar and top land, safety maneuvers and descent techniques.  At the end of this course you are qualified to fly without an instructor present. We recommend you join a club afterwards and continue learning in a club environment flying with more experienced pilots. We will put you in touch with a local club and we also encourage you to keep coming over and flying with us after qualification as you build up experience. 

Equipment We recommend you purchase equipment during this course so you get used to using it whilst under instruction.  We offer a full range of new equipment from all the leading manufacturers and can arrange demo gliders.  We can also offer some second hand equipment and advice on other second hand equipment. Please don't buy an untested glider on ebay without an instructors advice as there is a lot of unsuitable and dangerous equipment that could be the wrong size or type or stolen. (The BHPA have a list of serial numbers of stolen gliders) If you want advice about equipment give us a ring. We offer a discount of 10% on new equipment bought through us.

We also have some old paragliders that may be available for you to use after you are signed off to practice ground handling.

Weather: Paragliding is weather dependent, we need it to be dry and for training winds less than 15mph.  It can be frustrating at times but persevere and you will get there.  When the weather is right in Scotland it is a fantastic place to learn to fly.

Sites on Arran: We have over 30+ uncrowded flying sites taking all wind directions from low down coastal soaring to high mountains.

Trips abroad: We also do trips and training abroad where you can continue learning to fly with instructors who know you.


Paragliding student training recordDownload the BHPA student training record that lists the exercises you will complete for Club Pilot Rating.

BHPA Training guideDownload the BHPA training guide - basic theory